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How to select and hang feng shui paintings according to the age and destiny of the owner

How to select and hang feng shui paintings according to the age and destiny of the owner

11/05/2019 4:01:55 PM | 840

Basically, the pictures of a rich flower bloom in a rich flower or a peace painting are suitable for every house. Painting carp on the lotus symbolizes a year-round abundance, a picture of a crane with a branch of a tree symbolizing a healthy longevity, ... all houses can be hung.

If the painting is suspended, then the water must be seen, not allowed to flow out, the water flowing in will the new air enter the house, and the water will flow out and the air flow will be lost. If it is a sailboat, then the head of the boat must be directed to the house, facing outward direction, because the outward direction is wasted, and if it is directed towards the inside, the skill will be taken.

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For the rooms that lack light, it always looks dark, will affect the spirit badly if you stay there for a long time so you have to find a way to fix it right away. You can hang sunflowers in the living room to make up for this defect. Letters hanging on the sofa should be hung horizontally, not hanging. Because it is heaven, it means the sky team kicks the ground.

However, for each age, there will be different types of paintings suitable to increase the feng shui meaning for that age, specifically:

1. Age of mice: It is recommended to hang dragon paintings, monumental aqua paintings, the air like flying, the direction of flowing water or the direction of the dragon scrolling like a bow to the palace. Thus, you will be supported by the people, avoiding the market, and gathering gas, carrying out the fishing and the family's fullness; hanging in the family of officials is very beneficial for the road of fame, taking a high step.

2. Age of buffalo: It is recommended to hang the landscape of spring landscape, autumn landscape, old green trees, grassy green with the superior meaning promoted, longevity, fake money, idle views, family prosperous gas.

3. Tiger age: It is advisable to hang all kinds of painting, painting, painting, painting, horses, plateaus, painting schools to prosper in filling, prosperity, increasing the ability to work, affirm the position behind the mountain base, before opening the road - Kim Dong said security, on the left side of the talent - the right except the ears, the owner peace of mind;

4. Cat age: Should choose a peaceful newspaper, Lan blooming rich quarter, Tung da mai da mai. In the years of the year of the thunderstorm (like 2008), people of the age of the horse are usually in good condition, difficult to obtain, lucky to be supported by the gentleman, so everything is not perfect but it is also completed. Therefore, hanging Truc reported peace and prayed for peace.

5. Dragon age: Should choose the painting "Kim - Thuy sinh Moc" with fire support, fortune - noble such as the blue dragon painting, Hau King's donation, Bach Ma, Japan exported the paint, the sharp paint, Peony ... If it is horse (horse) or flower painting, it is forbidden to hang in the South, because it will create "Heavenly Fire", children who are difficult to teach, master or dizzy headache. Best to hang the East or the left hand of the landlord (in the direction of the room).

6. Snake age: The age of the eagle in the picture of the eagle in the wings of flying wings and dragons are the most suitable paintings for the elderly; In addition, there are forms, carp pond, lotus pond, crane ... So that the family religion, security and wall hanging, hanging in the living room can also subtract flowers; The form of precious and precious flowers, fish carp lotus pond healthy longevity; spare red crane, keep eternal happiness.

7. Year of the Horse: The painting related to carp is suitable, especially the Nine Fisheries Association (9 carp), followed by the painting of water, conifer, and bamboo ... to help the eternal, the Sutra says : Heaven added defect, nothing does not flourish, paint like alcohol woke up, water like surges nothing does not increase; beautiful as the moon, like the sun rising; Life as male paint, green as coniferous parts, where all fit well.

8. Goat age: This is the age to use pictures to decorate the family. It is best to use picturesque paintings, in which there are enough flowers and trees, hang Peony pictures, or painting vast prairie, religious paintings such as Amitabha Buddha, Guan Yin, or just a word of Buddha , sutta, ...

9. Monkey age: If there is an elderly person in the house, it is recommended to hang paintings of bats, scallops, ostriches, bamboos, etc. In which, bat paintings are the best, otherwise hang spare parts for young people, or spare for guests; good communication skills, business relations, trading, and production are all good.

10. Chicken age: Rooster age should hang phoenix, Trieu court, Tam Duong start-up painting (Tam Duong thai), hundreds of chamois ...

Phuong is a male child, Hoang is a mai child, a pair of king birds of this bird belong to the ostrich; or pictures of ostriches, forms; the boat carrying the treasure of pearls ... The poetic Tam Duong painting is open to new opportunities, good peace; phoenix song duong, imperial royal court is husband and wife harmony, professional career, noble status, children and grandchildren spoiled, achieved success ...

11. Dog age: Peony flower painting of 8 flowers, 9-flower flower pattern is the culmination of feng shui living room for the old Tuat. Or it is possible to hang paintings of ostrich; The painting of water painting is an average with only the value of peace and peace, with the meaning of a glorious day, long-term riches, turning danger into security, changing destiny, making career and monitoring work become advantage.

12. Pig age: A person with a destiny (pronounced) with a water shortage should hang carp paintings and river landscapes; the lack of needle painting Tuyet Son, lack of fire hung Bat Ma painting or form, lack of earth hanging mountains, cities. The old people can easily hang paintings, they can hang flowers, birds, mascots like Tam Duong, Bach Hac map; typography ...

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