Shopping guide

Shopping guide

28/10/2018 5:43:00 AM | 583

Option 1: Order by phone or Yahoo, Skype

• You call directly to the Online Sales Department at consultants of the Vietnam Gift is always ready to serve customers from all days of the week (including 7th & Sun)
• You can contact the consultant via Nick chat Skype or chat live chat tool (LIVE CHAT) on the website

Option 2: Order on the website

Step 1: Log on to
Step 2: Find Products to Buy:
On the website interface there are tools to help you find products such as: You just type "product name" into the search box, the system will suggest you the best product name available in the system.
Step 3: Order
• You have selected the product and then proceed to order by clicking on the order button immediately. You can add more products to your shopping cart or add more products to your cart.
Step 4: Receive and pay.

See detailed information about "Delivery method and payment method"

Vietnamese customers only receive orders for customers to provide accurate information such as address, mobile and fixed number ...
Read carefully the terms of the transaction, shipping policy, payment method before buying.

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Product variety

We have a diverse range of paintings and bronze products, copper foundries, painting workshops, large display showrooms that meet all requirements of customers.

Product quality

Guaranteed 100% of the goods we provide are handmade from famous local artists and artists

Prices are always stable

We guarantee product prices are reasonably competitive and stable.

Fast shipping time

We commit our products to your hands in a fast time and always on time.

Delivery and site installation

We can deliver goods and install them all over the country and abroad

Customer service

We always have very good preferential policies for dear customers.

Online support

Online support