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What does the golden bronze dragon statue in gold feng shui mean?

What does the golden bronze dragon statue in gold feng shui mean?

11/05/2019 4:24:22 PM | 621

Gifts from Vietnam specializing in making gold gift products, the leading company in the field of gold service continues to introduce to you the golden dragon dragon mascot with good luck and talent. fortune, talent reduced traction.

Dragon mascot in feng shui is a very sacred animal, a good animal, I have a long dragon, there are many scales on my head, with horns like deer horns, legs with claws, a dragon with many talents like flying in the sky , swimming under water ... has the effect of eliminating minors, bringing good luck to families, especially single ladies.

Tượng rồng bằng đồng mạ vàng trong phong thủy

The feng shui statue of Golden Dragon or 24k gold plated is not only a feng shui gift, except for a small person but it also enhances the power, the higher position the person has to use it, the bigger the effect. Also very suitable for administrative workers, or political activists, to help combat detractors and to strengthen authority. It is possible to put the gilded Feng Shui Dragon at the left corner of the desk to symbolize Ta Thanh Long. And to get rid of all the difficulties and obstacles caused by the young people, the golden feng shui dragon can be displayed on the left side of the house, so the effect will be even better.

Dragons have the power to create gas, rain, light from the sun, sea breeze and land. Dragon symbolizes the energy of heaven and earth, is the supernatural object of Feng Shui. So sometimes a feng shui dragon mascot will bring luck, fortune and dragon feng shui is also the guardian god to avoid bad things, the market of people.

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