Service 24k gold coins on bronze

Service 24k gold coins on bronze

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The goldsmith on bronze or other surfaces to achieve high artistic sharpness and fear of flying colors must require the hand of a craftsman to have a very high skill to do the job, not everywhere. I got a golden kneel.

Vietnamese home gifts are the convergence of the leading gold artists in Vietnam to do all traditional crafts, the reason why our company fully converges Golden Shanks artists is also a charm we are units Very devoted to the development of traditional vocational skills in Vietnam is tending to be lost, especially the traditional gold craft in Vietnam.

The process of sealing 24k gold to plain things is quite elaborate:

First, if I want to have a beautiful gold leaf, I have to have the thin and thin gold kneeling leaves to make a kneeling leaf. I have to go through more than 40 stages. "In order to get a gold kneeling finished product with 490 leaves, it is necessary to go through nearly 40 different stages. Each stage has its own complexities, such as having to cook soot mixed with soot, then crushed, peeled, New boiled can be used. "

The litmus leaf has a 4cm long edge that is cocooned from thin and tough paper (Dong Ho painting paper), scanned onto the surface several times with homemade ink made of special soot, mixed with buffalo skin glue, created for durable paper litmus.

It is known that the process of making special inks to sweep on paper is also very delicate, requiring many persistent and diligent workers. This stage must build a closed and low furnace, use sawdust mixed with buffalo skin glue, small pellets burned under the ang pot to create soot and kneel.

Dịch vụ thếp vàng 24k lên đồ đồng

All the processes of putting 24k gold on bronze must have a hand-made golden kneeling, so it can produce standard products, when gold is used, bronze artisans will specialize in surface treatment. The surface is so smooth and then sweeping a primer layer so that the warehouse can then scan the paint layer and then apply thin gold pieces, especially in the process of golden Buddha statue, it must be completely closed so that there is no wind coming in if The wind in the process of golden kneeling will be broken.

Gift of Vietnamese company specializing in providing gold service, pure 24k gold leaf, so beautiful bright copper surface product is committed to 9999 gold standard ... When you need to find the most prestigious gold place Come to Vietnam home gifts, you will enjoy high-class attentive service from our artisan hands.

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