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How to play Statue of feng shui properly will help exorcise, limit and bring much luck to the owner

How to play Statue of feng shui properly will help exorcise, limit and bring much luck to the owner

11/05/2019 4:10:39 PM | 565

Feng shui has long been highly respected in human life such as feng shui rock, feng shui paintings, especially feng shui bronze statues. The use of feng shui bronze statues properly will help exorcise, limit and bring lots of luck, fortune and peace for homeowners. Through this article, Vietnamese home gifts will show you how to play and choose feng shui bronze statues properly.

How to play Statue of feng shui properly will help exorcise, limit and bring much luck to the owner

Meaning and how to decorate a feng shui bronze statue

Bronze statue is a feng shui item, in addition to pure uses such as display, gift, decoration, ... it also has the meaning of feng shui characteristic for each product. Feng shui experts say that statues made from pure copper are considered the most experienced.

The feng shui statue, especially feng shui products from copper materials, is increasingly used and favored by many people. The most favored feng shui statues, especially the businessmen and traders, are: Quan Vu bronze statue, Hung Dao Vuong bronze statue, bronze horse statue, golden dragon, Bhikkhu retire, and chicken. Each icon has a layout, presentation and support for different owners. Depending on the age, purpose of use, the interior position of the house, the statue must be placed accordingly.

Entrepreneurs have a great belief in feng shui gas, they believe that these gases will bring luck, fortune and success to them in business.

The statue of feng shui used properly will bring home and peace of mind


Request of feng shui statue

Bronze statues to achieve feng shui and flawless elements must go through a lot of testing stages and quality requirements must be good. Vietnamese gifts are a prestigious copper casting facility, committed to providing customers with bronze items, especially bronze statues that fully meet the following elements:

- Made from pure copper

- Crafting in old craft villages - under the hands of master craftsmen in bronze casting industry

- Sophisticated design - the statue must carry the soul of feng shui symbols

- Designs have been carefully selected to achieve maximum perfection

- Bring full of feng shui properties as customers request

- ....

Each feng shui bronze statue has its own meaning and is suitable for its own age


Address casting statues of feng shui quality reputation

To choose to buy reputable quality feng shui products, customers should look to buy in the facilities of traditional copper casting villages and one of the prestigious facilities is the gift of Vietnamese houses.

Vietnamese home gifts are the address for producing and supplying bronze products with diversified designs, meticulous designs, sophistication and competitive price. This is a prestigious copper casting facility with brand name not only in the country but also in the international market.

Vietnamese gifts specialize in providing feng shui bronze statues and portraits that are crafted from the famous Y Yen and Nam Dinh bronze craft villages, where artisans of bronze making experience from hundreds of years have been granted by his father. passed on, ensuring the best product quality - carefully selected pure copper materials to help the items always beautiful and aesthetic, expressing the spirit and spirit of the statue, as well as durable colors with time.

To choose to buy feng shui bronze products, quality gold copper worshiping objects, contact Vietnamese gifts for advice on the best products and services.

Vietnamese home gifts specialize in providing painting gift products such as gifts of silk paintings and gifts of bronze oil painting gifts such as fine art bronze articles, gold coins, bronze paintings. In addition, we also have other services such as gold pin service on bronze, painting services on demand and consulting services for design and construction of minor reliefs.

All information of the customer please contact:


Address: Lot A3, New urban area, Dich Vong Hau, Cau Giay, Hanoi


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