Set pictures as required

Set pictures as required

20/04/2019 1:56:40 PM | 811

Currently the need to hang pictures decorated space for houses, offices, offices ... more vividly. However, for each space, the position of hanging paintings separately need different types of paintings and sizes to suit the highest aesthetic level. Meanwhile, the galleries mainly sell paintings available with some common sizes, so it is not best to satisfy customers who want to hang their favorite pictures according to their own suitable size.
Therefore, understand this and create conditions for customers to shop for their best pictures. Vietnamese gifts provide more painting services according to the individual needs of each customer.
Vietnamese gifts with a team of professional painters, many years of experience drawing with the heart of the professionman will ensure to bring you quality works as required.
We receive the required drawings of the following categories:
- Portrait.
- Transfer photos into oil paintings.
- Transfer photos into silk paintings.
- Compose paintings according to customers' ideas.
- Receive drawings according to customers' samples.
To be able to place the painting according to specific requirements, you can contact the hotline: or via email: In addition, you can go directly to the gallery at the address: Dich Vong, Cau Giay, Hanoi to feel the quality of the available paintings and place the drawings.

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